Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good to be home from the hospital!

Feels good waking up in my own bed with my furbabies at my side. To have REAL coffee. To have all my scrap supplies around me. Gone a week seems like a month, lol. Today is charm making day for Amy's swap, and setting up a swap notebook to keep track of them all in an organized manner for 2011. I did some parts of a swap early on way before they were due, put them somewhere "safe" and now can't find them...will have to start over. So mad at myself!

My boo-boo's!


  1. So glad you are home from the hospital. Looks like you had two good friends to welcome you home......

  2. Gosh, i know what you mean about not finding things! I know I have flower tape and cant find it!! rats.

    I got to hear your sweet boo boo's!! So nice chatting with you, Vicki, I really enjoyed it!!

  3. Such loyal companions! Ah we all have those elusive safe spots, hope they turn up.

  4. Yeah, I can definitely relate, putting something where it won't get lost, but then can't remember where I put them wheni am needing it. Yeah, sometimes to never find them i swear. Or after you redo them and don't need them anymore.