Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow, snow, snow!!

I love snow, and we are sure getting it! First sleet, then a mix, so treacherous driving, had to inch my way home on a big blank white road, you could not see where anything was, had to hope you were on the pavement, yikes. At least I wore shoes, last winter when this happened I wore flip flops to dialysis, then came out to 7" of snow! No scraper, had to use my flip flop while tears froze on my face, I was so freezing and upset.

My whole life I have had things happen, my own fault, I know. Like always running out of gas in my younger days. I had a gas gauge, yes, but just never really looked at it, idk why, I have no answer for that, lol. Had a trunk full of gas cans from having to walk to a station and return with a couple dollars gas. I am not a stupid person, booksmart, but just a mess, things just kept happening. I was always the one with only 1 shoe, a dozen of one shoe, where the other halves went, I have no clue. Crazy! I was always breaking my glasses, sitting on them, stepping on them, dropping them. So a pitiful sight walking down a highway with a gas can, one shoe and glasses hanging from my face taped haphazardly with scotch tape. Story of my life.

Ok, back to today, I still had to inch our way to the store for food. I am a super careful driver in the snow so we made it just fine. Came home and had a bowl of clam chowder with a chocolate eclair for dessert, yum! Supposed to go over the mountain for an appt tomorrow, but I am scared we will slide right over the edge, so canceling it until next week. A whole free day at last!!

Drooling over new CHA stuff, so much I want, so little if any I can get. I keep thinking they can't come up with unique scrap stuff, yet it keeps on coming! Love the Imaginesce.

Lots of swaps to work on tomorrow, so signing off for now!!


  1. We have snow today too!! I love it!! Enjoy your day of lounging with no place to be but home all warm and toasty!!


    Check out these gorgeous crocheted butterflies...

  3. I just love your story, but those were the good times in life, now you can move on from those days!!! lol