Sunday, April 14, 2013

CLUB SCRAP help needed. I am hoping there is some help for me. Waaaay back I think in 2005? I got 2 small kits at a convention, and they are brand new but I now have no idea what they look like finished. If anyone has a photo of either I would be so grateful, I want to finally finish them as I had to have loved them at the time. One is called "handmade album, postal card" a small album and "canvas frame evidence box" a small canvas hoping some old timers may be able to help!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A relaxing Saturday for a change, but I am in sooo much pain with the rain and now snow, every fiber in my body is screaming! Fibromyalgia is just so awful, really gets in the way of my life. Watched Laura's show, it was fun as always. On a lighter note, here is Willow in 2 adorable outfits a friend made for her, a reversible nightgown and a reversible spring dress: (excuse my unsorted laundry in the one pic, I will try to take a better one when I can get her to stand still on her own)