Tuesday, February 22, 2011









I am honored and surprised!!

TYSM Melody, I will certainly reciprocate by listing 8 things about me and pass this on to 8 others!

1. I am an avid animal lover, no matter how poor I am I donate every month to the ASPCA. I cry at their ads every time...

2. I have a fear of moths and butterflies.

3. My favorite food is crablegs and seafood of all kinds.

4. My dream is to live at the beach, I so crave the salt air, the sand, the sea, I love it all..

5. My favorite drink is lemonade, since I cannot have Coke.

6. I used to own a dog grooming shop and groomed for many years, I loved it.

7. I was a decorative painter and teacher, never thought I would be without a paintbrush in my hand.

8. I love snow! Lots of it!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Charms and Butterflies

This weekend is dedicated to making the Mardi Gras and St. Pat's and birthday charms for swaps I am in. Then I have to make 18 butterflies, on display cards with a stickpin, lace, or charm. I will have a busy weekend.Need to make shrinky dinks to go on some of them, that will be an experiment, I have not done in ages, except a couple with a heat gun, will use the oven this time.

I feel in a daze because I am getting NO SLEEP with Willow (my chihuahua) barking all night long at every snowflake, breeze, anything at all, she shoots out of the covers like a torpedo, barking wildly and shrilly, at NOTHING! All night this goes on, just started this a few weeks ago, and it is not fun. Giving wawa's a bad name...

Also experimented on making the McDonald's delicious maple brown sugar oatmeal at home, and it's pretty darn good! I use the packets of maple brown sugar instant (have the cooked type to also try) and add in diced apples, golden and regular raisins, dried cranberries, and voila! Yummy.

So that has been my boring week, nothing new or exciting. Think we should start playing the lottery, couldn't hurt, because living this poor is really bad.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tim Holtz Charm Swap on the beach

For this swap we use a Tim Holtz swivel clasp and include 10 charms. These are very heavy and full in real life, better than the pics show. I will embellish some on the tags later on.

Some Swap Charms for SBC

We had to use unusual or household items to make a charm, I used vintage and new game pieces, and vintage style pieces. The others are for Groups 1 and 2, anything goes.