Sunday, January 30, 2011

A whole free weekend!

For the first time in a long time, I had the whole weekend free to do what I wanted. I set up the space to put the desktop computer that Brenda gave me, now I can see without squinching and straining on the small laptop.

I am sorting and purging my scrap stuff, it was just getting so overwhelming to work in a one inch spot. I am sorting through all my embellishment drawers and purging what I will not use. What a job, but it's fun to see things I forgot I had. I do have 4 drawers with collage/victorian stuff.

I finished my tags for Martica's Tag and Lace swap.

Hope to get some more done on swaps today.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow, snow, snow!!

I love snow, and we are sure getting it! First sleet, then a mix, so treacherous driving, had to inch my way home on a big blank white road, you could not see where anything was, had to hope you were on the pavement, yikes. At least I wore shoes, last winter when this happened I wore flip flops to dialysis, then came out to 7" of snow! No scraper, had to use my flip flop while tears froze on my face, I was so freezing and upset.

My whole life I have had things happen, my own fault, I know. Like always running out of gas in my younger days. I had a gas gauge, yes, but just never really looked at it, idk why, I have no answer for that, lol. Had a trunk full of gas cans from having to walk to a station and return with a couple dollars gas. I am not a stupid person, booksmart, but just a mess, things just kept happening. I was always the one with only 1 shoe, a dozen of one shoe, where the other halves went, I have no clue. Crazy! I was always breaking my glasses, sitting on them, stepping on them, dropping them. So a pitiful sight walking down a highway with a gas can, one shoe and glasses hanging from my face taped haphazardly with scotch tape. Story of my life.

Ok, back to today, I still had to inch our way to the store for food. I am a super careful driver in the snow so we made it just fine. Came home and had a bowl of clam chowder with a chocolate eclair for dessert, yum! Supposed to go over the mountain for an appt tomorrow, but I am scared we will slide right over the edge, so canceling it until next week. A whole free day at last!!

Drooling over new CHA stuff, so much I want, so little if any I can get. I keep thinking they can't come up with unique scrap stuff, yet it keeps on coming! Love the Imaginesce.

Lots of swaps to work on tomorrow, so signing off for now!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, oooo I dread Mondays, the pain

Slowly opened my eyes this morning hoping against hope that it was really Sunday, but no luck. Back to the daily grind, and dialysis will be so painful today, extreme cramping because I know I drank too much the past 3 days after being deprived in the hospital, so am on fluid overload, which will cause unreal cramps near the end of treatment. Imagine getting those twisting, horribly tight Charlie Horses in your legs, body, arms, head, and being unable to stand to walk them out, having to just sit in the chair and let the muscles twist unnaturally and burn and the pain...Oh I dread this today. Then they continue to grab me up in spasms long after I get home and during the night, having me leap out of bed to try to walk them loose. Oh the fun...

I did get 2 samples of my challenge group charms done, where we use everyday items to make a charm. The vintage one needs some more on it, the fun and games charm is complete. We will be doing monthly swaps with different themes on scrapbook dot com. They are so fun to make, I enjoy it a lot. I may get burned out, but for now it is still fun.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Officially lost my mind...

Ok, For quite a while now I know my memory is going pffft, but last night tops the cake.

I wasted soooo much time last night trying to cut tags on my Cricut, and it just would not cut no matter the settings. TY Amy for getting your settings so I could compare. Still, would not cut. Frustrated, I gave up and thought now what, it has barely been used and is ruined. I was pretty sad. Turns out the only sad part was ME, I was cutting WITHOUT THE MAT!!!!! Just feeding in the cardstock!

Ok, will go slither into a hole now, I don't even deserve to be a scrapbooker.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good to be home from the hospital!

Feels good waking up in my own bed with my furbabies at my side. To have REAL coffee. To have all my scrap supplies around me. Gone a week seems like a month, lol. Today is charm making day for Amy's swap, and setting up a swap notebook to keep track of them all in an organized manner for 2011. I did some parts of a swap early on way before they were due, put them somewhere "safe" and now can't find them...will have to start over. So mad at myself!

My boo-boo's!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Charm Making Endeavor

I am now addicted to making these charms! They look so beautiful hanging on a mini book spine, on cards, on tags, as keychains or zipper pulls, so many uses. I keep mine displayed on a cute wire dressform in my scrapping room, just to look at and enjoy their beauty. I will be selling on etsy or another site soon, or if you see any you like, just ask for a price and give me any custom colors or styles you like. I also make matching stickpins. Here is a sample of a girly charm, it is not quite complete but will give you an idea of how full of beads and charms they can be, or as simple as you may want, you choose the components.

My first attempt at charms

Welcome to my new blog!

It may take me a while to get the hang of everything, but hope to get some content on soon!

I will probably make some mistakes so bear with me as I try to figure it all out.

I will try to post some pics, wish me luck...

Also, my return e-mail is, not yahoo, and I am on AIM all day as midnitescrapper if anyone wants to chat.