Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am honored and surprised!!

TYSM Melody, I will certainly reciprocate by listing 8 things about me and pass this on to 8 others!

1. I am an avid animal lover, no matter how poor I am I donate every month to the ASPCA. I cry at their ads every time...

2. I have a fear of moths and butterflies.

3. My favorite food is crablegs and seafood of all kinds.

4. My dream is to live at the beach, I so crave the salt air, the sand, the sea, I love it all..

5. My favorite drink is lemonade, since I cannot have Coke.

6. I used to own a dog grooming shop and groomed for many years, I loved it.

7. I was a decorative painter and teacher, never thought I would be without a paintbrush in my hand.

8. I love snow! Lots of it!


  1. It was awesome to learn some new things about you Miss Vicki!!

  2. Thanks for sharing things about yourself, Vicki. I really enjoyed learning more about you.
    Hugs, Kat