Sunday, January 23, 2011

Officially lost my mind...

Ok, For quite a while now I know my memory is going pffft, but last night tops the cake.

I wasted soooo much time last night trying to cut tags on my Cricut, and it just would not cut no matter the settings. TY Amy for getting your settings so I could compare. Still, would not cut. Frustrated, I gave up and thought now what, it has barely been used and is ruined. I was pretty sad. Turns out the only sad part was ME, I was cutting WITHOUT THE MAT!!!!! Just feeding in the cardstock!

Ok, will go slither into a hole now, I don't even deserve to be a scrapbooker.


  1. Your brain is not the only thing going pffft! LOL Sorry but I could not resist!

  2. Yeah, we all have those brain loss issues for a while, don't feel bad. Just think how happy you will feel when you finally get a good cut tag! Like Xmas at your house all over again.

    Now I know those five little owls stand for some people, who is who, and who is e upside down. I know you guys and your little humor.